[redacted] is an advanced, fully-featured red teaming/adversary simulation platform. It includes a web-based multi-user team server, scriptable API, a cross-platform flagship agent with novel evasion techniques, a variety of cross-platform payloads and stagers, relaying and pivoting, and an easily-extensible set of C2 protocols, both synchronized and asynchronous. [redacted] is built in Go.

MD Case Explorer

Case Explorer is a web application and set of APIs for exploring data scraped from the Maryland Judiciary Case Search by Case Harvester. The aim is to make an intuitive, easy-to-use Excel-like interface for browsing and searching through Maryland case data. Both REST and GraphQL APIs are available. The site is built with React.js and AG Grid, and source code can be found here.

Case Harvester

Case Harvester is a project designed to mine the Maryland Judiciary Case Search (MJCS) and build a near-complete database of Maryland court cases that can be queried and analyzed without the limitations of the MJCS interface. It is designed to leverage Amazon Web Services for scalability and performance.


Lunchbox is a set of Ansible scripts to create a physical penetration testing drop box using a Raspberry Pi. It provides SSH and OpenVPN remote access via Pagekite tunneling, and a hidden-SSID access point for local wireless access. Load it with the tools of your choice, and you have yourself a pentesting lunchbox.