Commotion Wireless

Commotion is an open source platform that uses wireless devices to create decentralized mesh networks. I do development on core back-end components of the OpenWRT-based router firmware, mostly in C, with some Lua and shell scripting. I authored a cryptographically-verified mesh service discovery and management system based on mDNS and the Serval-DNA library.


MediaGrid is a takedown-resistant, distributed wireless infrastructure allowing citizens to communicate and share real-time photo and video documentation at public demonstrations, without the need for internet access. The main components of MediaGrid are a web application based on AngularJS and CryptoCat, and a native Android application.


NOISE is a project created to confuse automated analysis of digital communications. It uses a Markov generator to create “real-looking” text based upon a collection of reference texts, which are then automatically dispatched in emails, web searches, IRC chats, or other mediums.

Culture Jams

PINK Loves Consent

In the Fall of 2012, FORCE Upsetting Rape Culture launched an art action and culture jamming campaign targeting Victoria’s Secret. Bringing attention to VS’s problematic marketing that promoted rape culture, FORCE made a spoof website pretending to promote a new line of consent-themed underwear. The website got over 50,000 hits in on day and made national news media. I built the website in collaboration with FORCE.

Playboy’s Top Ten Party Commandments

In the Fall of 2013, FORCE launched a second culture jam campaign, this time targeting Playboy’s annual “Top 10 Party Schools” list. In addition to remaking the list to promote cultures of consent on college campuses, we made five spoof websites, including a replica of the Huffington Post. I built the websites for the campaign in collaboration with FORCE.


Indypendent Reader

The Baltimore Indypendent Reader was a local media source that aimed to inform and be a resource for social justice movements in Baltimore and beyond. The project lasted from 2006 to 2013. I wrote a number of articles for the Indyreader and served as an editorial collective member for its last two and a half years.

Tor relay

I have been running a Tor relay since 2013.